Skulks of Flames: The BeginningEdit

This story is based off of the one and only SKULK OF FLAMES. Enjoy

In the depths of the forest, there lies a large and extensive hollow. This hollow is what the powerful Skulk of Flames calls home. The leader, a red orange fox called Fire, calls a skulk meeting. "We must address the issue of food. Winter is here and the hunters are struggling to find prey." says Fire, "Crow and Russet will go on an extended hunting trip. We wish them the best of luck." Crow, a blind fox with jet black fur mottled with grey, and Russet, a red fox, stood. "We will do our best." says Russet. They go. As they leave, Fire makes one more announcement. "Frost will patrol the territory more often now that Coal is gone." she says. Frost, a snowy owl, nods and flies off. 

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